10 Best Spice Grinder America’s Test Kitchen of 2021 – Buying and Review Guide

The best spice grinders provide us accomplish grinding spices fast to use in preparing our favorite foods and drinks. Are you a chief chef who likes using a lot of spices when preparing food?

Would you like to get the limelight about the best spice grinders professional chefs employed to grind spices?  Now, this review covers readers and chefs who need to understand the best spice grinders available in the market.

Top 5 Best Spice Grinder America’s Test Kitchen: Editor’s Pick

We shall also provide a buying guide to enable prospective buyers to decide on the spice grinders that can fit their needs. Incorporating ideas in this review will help you to choose the best spice grinder in the market.

The 10 Best Spice Grinder America’s Test Kitchen Reviews:

1. Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind 4.5 Oz Electric Coffee Grinder

We have several grinders in the market, but Hamilton Beach Fresh Grinder beats its competitors since it’s quieter. You can employ them to ground your spices any time, either in the morning or even late at night. Their noise production level is lowest compared to other spice grinder models around.

Refilling and emptying these grinders isn’t such a big deal at all. Manufacturers design them with removable grinding chambers to enable users to remove them after grinding to empty or refill them.

Moreover, the removable grinding chamber design makes cleaning this appliance easy. Always ensure you maintain the base clean by wiping off any dirt using a clean and damp cloth.

Consequently, Hamilton Beach Fresh Grinders boasts a hidden cord storage feature that stores cords excellently after use. In addition, these models have durable stainless steel blades that crush all kinds of spices faster at ease. Their capacity is sufficient to grind about nine teaspoons of coffee beans and other spices.


  • Easy to use
  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Grinds excellently


  • A bit small
  • Has a short cord

2. Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Electric Spice/Coffee Grinder Mill

People who are keen on the level of consistency and texture of spices should try out the Mueller Austria grinders. Users have control over the coarseness of their spices, cold brew, Espresso, French Press, herb, and many others.

Storing them is a breeze since they take up minimal space, and you can store them in drawers or cupboards. However, the modern models have a Eurocentric styling design that requires you to leave or store them in open sites.

What makes them outstanding is their quality construction that beats all other competitors. During the construction process, these grinders undergo three-grade inspection by experts.

Such inspection processes guarantee the production of quality products that outperform other models in the market. Furthermore, Mueller Austria grinders form the most efficient and powerful spice grinder available. Their stainless steel blades are durable and strong enough to grind through spices faster.

Users take control over the coarseness of ground spices, and the machines produce the lowest noise in the grinding process. People who aren’t satisfied with these appliances can reach out to get a replacement or full refund of their investment.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Great and quality design


  • Inner cup not sealed
  • Motor prone to frequent failure

3. HadinEEon Electric Coffee Grinder

Are you looking for a grinding machine that promises fast grinding of spices? HadinEEon Electric Coffee Grinders forms the fastest spice grinders around that can accomplish such tasks within seconds.

You don’t have to wait too long to enjoy a coffee with friends; these grinders complete everything within seconds. They have 200W powerful motors that enable them to achieve medium ground within 10 seconds.

Owners are in full control of the coarseness and fineness of their spices in the grounding process. HadinEEon Electric Coffee Grinders have a single button for starting and stopping the device. Maintain the device until you achieve your desired texture.

Moreover, users enjoy the rich flavor since they prevent the burning of spices during the grinding process. Consequently, this isn’t just a coffee grinder but a device employed for several applications. They have sharp quality stainless steel blades that chop several ingredients fastest.

In addition, these grinders stop automatically whenever temperature surpasses certain specified limits to prevent heat buildup and friction. Users can employ them to grind other ingredients like grains, cinnamon, rice, and different kinds of spices.


  • Very quiet
  • Grinds smoothly and faster
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent value for money


  • Motor fails fast
  • Hard to clean the backside

4. Kuhn Rikon Adjustable Ratchet Grinder

Struggling to achieve your desired spice texture is real when using the spice grinders. However, we now have a solution for you, and it’s your turn to try it out and enjoy the experience.

Kuhn Rikon Adjustable Ratchet Grinders boast dial knobs at the base for users to set their preferable textures. Moreover, the Kuhn Rikon Adjustable Ratchet Grinders feature powerful ratchet operating systems to enable them to complete grinding tasks faster.

Apart from the ratchet operating system, they feature ceramic grinding stones, making them perfect for pepper, salt, and other ingredients. Kuhn Rikon Adjustable Ratchet Grinders forms the perfect alternatives to the traditional mills.

Most people prefer the Kuhn Rikon Adjustable Ratchet Grinders since they are simple to operate. Grinding simply involves moving the ratchet handle back and forth to accomplish it.

Nevertheless, emptying and filling the grinder is easy through the door. After using these machines, manufacturers recommend hand washing them before storage.


  • Grinds quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t adjust to grind fine
  • Fails faster

5. Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice-and-Nut Grinder

Here come another excellent grinders designed to provide users long-term service. With long-lasting stainless steel blades, these electric grinders do an excellent job for nuts and any spice. Moreover, they are some few quality spice grinders available.

Manufacturers design them adhering to the North American Electrical Standards. Consequently, Cuisinart SG-10 spice grinders boast powerful motors that enable them to complete grinding faster. Operating them is also the simplest of all.

It entails opening and closing the lids to set the machine on and off. You can monitor the grinding process by frequently opening the lid to see the progress. Ideally, these machines serve the best options in providing users’ the fineness they need to achieve.

Furthermore, their capacity is somehow something you can depend on preparing sufficient spices to serve the entire family. With extra storage at the lid region, these grinders can hold up to 90 grams of spice.

You can wash the bowl and lid in a dishwasher. Manufacturers as well email customers recipe manuals upon purchasing the product to get their kitchen experiences to the next level.


  • Grinds faster
  • Sufficient holding capacity
  • Ease to wash
  • Ultra-durable blades


  • The motor dies faster
  • Poor quality

6. Cuisinart SG-3 Stainless Steel Rechargeable Salt, Pepper, and Spice Mill

As a top seller in the industry, Cuisinart presents another excellent performer in grinding several kinds of spices. With a touch of the start button, the grinder can grind peppercorns, sea salt, and any dried spice.

Moreover, they have clear grinding containers that enable users to keep watch of the progress and add spices. Their durable housing offers them maximum protection against agents that might damage them.

As an advanced model around, users can achieve the texture they need their spices to attain. Cuisinart SG-3 grinders have a one-touch adjuster that enables users to set their preferable level of coarseness. Consequently, they have removable crumb trays that make it easy to clean them after use.


  • Grinds faster and efficiently
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Durable and convenient
  • Versatile models


  • Motor fails faster
  • Poor customer services

7. KitchenAid Blade Coffee and Spice Grinder

Most spice grinder manufacturers are busy advancing their products to ensure users get excellent consistency from their grinding tasks. KitchenAid Blade grinders’ one-touch control enables operators to monitor the grinding process to achieve their preferable textures.

A simple push or close of the lid starts the grinder and stops once released. Why don’t you give the KitchenAid Blade Coffee and Spice grinders a try? What makes them different from others is the measurement marks along with the grinder container.

You don’t struggle to estimate the amount of spice you require preparing specific cups of coffee. Moreover, these grinders have bowls that automatically lift out upon a single press.

A feature that enables easy and faster transfer of grinds from the grinder to use prepare your favorite drink. Performance-wise, KitchenAid Blade grinders have durable and stainless solid blades that crush coffee beans the fastest.

Nevertheless, customers acquire these grinders with accessory kits used to maintain them to provide an excellent service. Lastly, the manufacturer entitles these products to a 1-year replacement warranty if not satisfied with them.


  • Grinds efficiently and consistently
  • Large capacity
  • Ultra-durable blades
  • Have value-added features


  • Poor quality
  • Very noisy

8. KRUPS GX4100 Electric Spice Herbs and Coffee Grinder

With 3 Oz. capacity, the KRUPS GX4100 Electric grinder serves as an excellent example of a multi-purpose gadget worth having at home. These spice grinders grind several spices, including coffee beans, dried spices, and minced fresh herbs.

As excellent and efficient performers, these grinders can complete a grinding session within seconds to provide out the finest grinds. Moreover, the KRUPS GX4100 Electric models are true representations of durable grinders around.

Manufacturers construct all components using stainless steel for extra durability. All components from the grinding chamber, blades as well as housing. In addition, they have powerful stainless steel blades that enable them to chop different spices easily and quickly.

Users should worry less about the degree of fineness they will obtain from their grinds. KRUPS GX4100 Electric grinders boast pulse action buttons that enable users to set the preferable degree of fineness.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer backs these grinders with two years refund warranty. Users can contact the seller if not satisfied with the grinder or whenever they develop problems.


  • Easy to use models
  • Ultra-durable
  • Grinds faster
  • Backed by two years warranty


  • Difficult opening and closing
  • Weak design

9. Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

People looking for the easiest to operate spice grinders should try these Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder sets. Manufacturers design these grinders with soft buttons where users press to start them.

With a clear bowl and triple LED lighting, users can monitor the grinding process to attain their desired fineness. Most people love these grinders due to their large carrying capacities. Users also can refill the containers with ease through the main rotating part of the grinder.

Manufacturers design them using premium and quality materials like ceramics, ABS, precious stables, and PC. These grinders stand for several years excellently and fashionably to continue serving you longer. Consequently, these grinders form the true representations of multi-purpose grinders in the market.

Apart from being the best salt and pepper grinders, they also grind coriander, rosemary, and many other ingredients. Lastly, their construction includes extensive inspections throughout all processes to ensure high-quality standards.


  • Grinds faster
  • Ultra-quality and durable
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Versatile models


  • Doesn’t provide fine grinds
  • Depletes batteries faster

10. Waring Commercial WSG30 Commercial Medium-Duty Electric Spice Grinder

Lastly, the Waring Commercial WSG30 takes a slot in the top-notch due to the excellent performance they boast. These models stand out of all our top choices due to their commercial-grade motors that offer up to 19000 rpm.

Such a rotation is proof of optimum efficiency, and they complete grinding tasks quickly. Moreover, users have control over the machine to ensure they achieve only. With their pulse actuation buttons, users can set the level of fineness they need from their grind.

Grinding spices with these devices is faster with their durable steel blades. You can employ them to grind spices like cinnamon sticks and peppercorns, and they complete the tasks within seconds.


  • More versatile
  • Grinds faster and consistently
  • Ultra-durable
  • Easy to use


  • Not as advertised
  • Shuts off consistently

Buying Guide: What To Consider When Select Spice Grinder

With several spice grinders around, it’s really hectic selecting the best option that can serve your needs. However, several aspects guide prospective buyers to make decisions to purchase the best grinder.

Best Spice Grinder

Below are three factors to get you a grinder of value.

a) Capacity

The capacity of the grinder matters a lot when selecting these gadgets. Most spice grinders boast capacities of between 40 grams and 90 grams. Moreover, the manual and electric grinders differ in capacities alike.

The electric options tend to have large chambers than the manual options. Consequently, most manufacturers have resorted to constructing grinders with removable storage containers. Such construction provides space to store any leftovers for use in other ways.

When deciding on the option to purchase, always consider the amount of spices you intend to grind and your counter space. These two aspects will help you settle on an ideal spice grinder you won’t regret.

b) Noise Level

As we learned, we have both manual and electric grinders in the market. Electric options use powered electric motors to function. These models provide relatively fast services, but they might frustrate you for the noise they produce while using them.

However, that doesn’t mean that the manual options are not worthy of purchasing. Noise issues provide the manual option an upper hand to prospects due to their zero noise levels.

However, they are pretty slower in-service completion than their counterparts in the electric options. Other electric models, though, employ advanced technologies to minimize their noise levels. Think about these aspects and decide whether you need fast service or a slower but quiet model.

c) Versatility

Here comes another important factor most people tend to focus on when purchasing these products. Every person yearns to buy a product that provides a service other than the intended one. In our review, we focused on grinders that grind whole spices.

However, there are several things you will require your gadget to do for you. Most models in the market can handle other applications apart from grinding whole spices.

Apart from grinding, other models can as well do chopping and crunching tasks in our kitchens. If you need to eliminate excessive appliances on your countertop, consider versatile options during your selection process.


Spice grinders are integral gadgets in our kitchens, and thereby investing in the best option is a good idea. They are solutions to fast and delicious preparations in our home to our family members.

However, only the best spice grinder will give you excellent results that you yearn to have. Not all models you find on the shelves will serve all buyers as they expect. Many models on shelves can suit your needs, and others cannot at all.

Our review provides excellent insight into what buyers should mind when purchasing these products. We have discussed top-notch models that professionals have tested and satisfied their greatness.

Alongside the product description, the buying guide provides insight that helps narrow down the long lists. All ideas in this review should help you select the best spice grinder that will stay to serve you for an extended period.

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