10 Best Cookie Sheets America’s Test Kitchen of 2021

Are you a kitchen hobbyist who needs to enjoy preparing your family cookies for breakfast? Do you have idea that cookie sheets are excellent for preparing delicious baking cookies than even the pans? If yes, what are the best cookie sheets professionals employ to prepare cookies for guests and their families?

Now, if you ever get into confusion purchasing cookie sheets, get tuned and continue reading this review. We have reviewed the best cookie sheets in the market professional chefs employ to make delicious baking cookies.

Top 5 Best Cookie Sheets America’s Test Kitchen: Editor’s Pick

Alongside the review, there is a buying guide that enables prospective buyers to make informed decisions when purchasing these products.

The 10 Best Cookie Sheets America’s Test Kitchen Reviews:

1. Rachael Ray Bakeware Nonstick Cookie Pan Set

Rachael Ray Bakeware
  • Easy food release: Roasting pan set features long-lasting all-over...
  • Feel good baking set: A portion of the proceeds goes to Yum-o (r),...
  • Long-lasting cookie pan set: Baking pan set is made from durable steel...
  • Get a grip: Bold-colored, extra-wide grippy handles on the 3-piece...

Cookie sheets differ in several aspects, features, and the results they provide to the end-users. Being on the list of the most affordable options around, Rachael Ray cookie sheets come in three sets measuring differently. In dimensions, small sheets measure 9″x 13″, medium options up to 10″ x 15″, and the largest 11″ x 17″.

Moreover, these cookie sheets’ construction incorporates heavy-duty non-stick coats for easy food release and cleaning. Rachael Ray Bakeware cookie sheets also make an excellent representation of lasting kitchen products we have in the market.

Manufacturers design them using wrapping-resistant durable steel to stay firm to provide users a long-term service. Rachael Ray Bakeware cookie sheets are an excellent baking set every chef should try to reap its benefits.

Their bold-colored and wide handles provide users excellent grip ever when lifting or rotating items on the sheet. Using these cookies guarantees confidence of minimal burn cases when pulling off the cookie sheet from ovens. Nevertheless, Rachael Ray Bakeware cookie sheets assure users oven safety up to 500 degrees F.


  • Excellent grip
  • Relatively affordable
  • Ultra-durable
  • Excellent heat resistance


  • Handle peels off faster
  • Loses nonstick

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2. Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Set, Nonstick Cookie Sheets / Baking Sheets

Farberware Nonstick Bakeware
  • DURABLE COOKIE SHEETS: Heavy-duty construction of this bakeware set...
  • SET INCLUDES: (2) 11-Inch x 17-Inch Cookie Pans
  • NONSTICK BAKEWARE: Nonstick inside and out, these cookie sheets by...
  • HIGH HEAT BAKING PAN: The cookie sheets are oven safe to 450 degrees...

Our second choice, Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Set, wins the hearts of many due to ultra-durability. Manufacturers design these cookie sheets using heavy-duty materials that meet the busiest kitchen demands. Like other manufacturer packages, Farberware Nonstick Bakeware cookie sheets come in two pieces measuring 11″ x 17″ each.

Dealing with a quality assured product is the best way to enjoy services for an extended period. As advanced cookie sheets around, Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Set features a non-stick coat on the interior and exterior surfaces.

With the non-stick surfaces, users don’t require much scrubbing to remove food remains on these sheets’ surfaces. Moreover, moving the ready-made cookies from the tray is simple using paddles, either silicon paddle or even wooden.

Farberware Nonstick Bakeware Set also are true representations of high-quality baking cookie sheets in the market. Offering oven safety of 450 degrees F, these sheets make perfect options for baking, oven toasting, and roasting alike.

Lastly, Farberware Nonstick Bakeware cookie sheets are quality and durable sets that offer users several years’ service. Their construction upholds the value aspect, reliability, and performance to maintain them sturdy for an extended period.


  • Quality model
  • Ultra-durable
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean


  • Flexes in ovens
  • Difficult to clean

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3. YIHONG Baking Sheet with Rack Set (3 Sheets+3 Racks)

Here comes another set of cookie sheets boasting several features designed to accomplish a variety of applications. Manufacturers deliver packages containing three sets of sheets with different dimensions to fit various kitchen applications.

Smaller sheets measure 10.5” x 8”, while the medium and larger taking the 12.5” x 9.8” and 16” x 12” distributively. Moreover, they also come with cooling racks basically for baking purposes. Smaller ones measure 9.8” x 7.4”, while the medium and larger racks measure 11.7” x 9” and 16” x 12”, distributively.

Most people love YIHONG Baking Sheets since they get designed for a variety of applications. Users can decide to use them either separately or together for the oven to make delicious cookies.

Mostly, users employ them to bake bread, bacon, crusted chicken wings, baked veggies, pizza with toppings, and many other things. Other than baking, others use YIHONG Baking Sheets for cooking, broiling as well as roasting.

Consequently, YIHONG Baking Sheets are an excellent representation of durable and healthy cookie sheets in the market. Manufacturers construct these cookie sheets using quality, durable, and rust-free 430 stainless steel to maintain them in sturdy construction longest.

Apart from their durable construction, manufacturers design their surfaces with polished mirror finishes keeping them smooth and shiny. Lastly, YIHONG Baking Sheets are dishwasher safe; both the cooling racks and baking sheets can go into a dishwasher.


  • High-quality models
  • Reasonable cost
  • Excellent size
  • Easy to clean


  • Scratches easily
  • Warps even in low oven temperatures

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4. HUSHIDA Stainless Steel Cookie Sheets 

Designed with food-grade material, these sets are representations of durable and healthy cookie sheets around. Manufacturers construct them using quality and rust-resistant 430 stainless steel to enhance their durability.

Moreover, the sheets emerge as healthy options for use since they don’t emit chemicals or gasses at high temperatures. Usually, the manufacturer delivers packages containing six pieces, three cooking racks, and three baking sheets, all in a single package.

Small baking sheets measure 9” x 7”, while larger and medium measures 16” x 12” and 12.8” x 9.9”, distributivity. Smaller racks measure 8.5” x 6.5” while medium and larger options measure 11.8” x 9” and 15” x 11”, distributivity.

Users can employ them for various applications, including baking bacon, cookies, chicken wings, ribs, vegetables, and many others. Consequently, manufacturers work on the edges perfectly by smoothening and reinforcing them to prevent warping and comfortable handling.

They also weld the baking racks with dense lines to ensure proper circulation of hot air when baking. Furthermore, cleaning these sheets is easy; you can either wash them by hand or in a dishwasher. Their shiny and smooth finishes reduce food sticking on surfaces, thereby making the cleaning task a breeze.


  • Easy to clean
  • Good quality
  • Sturdy models
  • Optimal durable


  • Expensive
  • Warps when they heat up

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5. Copper Baking Sheet Pans Nonstick Bakeware Set 4 Piece 

Copper Baking Sheet Pans
  • 4 PIECE SET Cookie Sheets Set has all the sizes you'll need for...
  • NON STICK COATING Our oven pans baking sheet set made with aluminized...
  • OVEN SAFE UP TO 450 °F Bake worry free with our baking set, it is...
  • STACKABLE DESIGN Sheet pan set stacks for space saving and storage....

Proper heat distribution is important when preparing your favorite cookies for even and fast cooking. Copper-made bakeware is an excellent thermal conductor, providing even heat distribution in the entire baking process.

Packages include two pans measuring 16” x 10.2” and 9” x 13”; these measurements consist of the handles. In addition, manufacturers value most users’ health by including plastic covers to maintain prepared cookies the freshest ever.

Cleaning these cookie sheets is quick and the simplest alike. Designed with non-stick coats, these sheets allow quick food release and prevent food from sticking to the surfaces.

Manufacturers recommend hand washing them using a non-abrasive sponge and soap in warm water. However, those involved in busy schedules can as well in dishwashers to accomplish the task quickly.


  • Easy to clean models
  • Amazing looks
  • Sturdy models
  • High-quality sheets


  • Have flimsy lids
  • Scratches faster

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6. Yododo Stainless Steel Compact Toaster Oven Pan Tray Ovenware Professional

Yododo Compact Toaster Oven Pan
  • 🍊Exquisite Design - Superb mirror finish surface, sturdy and shiny...
  • 🍊High Quality - Yododo baking sheet made of high quality pure...
  • 🍊Perfect Size - 4 Pieces Rectangle Size 10.23'' L x 8.26'' W x 1''...
  • 🍊Easy to Clean - Full sides all around help this toaster oven tray...

Yododo cookie sheets beat the rest due to their quality construction as well as exquisite design. Manufacturers design these baking sheets using pure quality 18/0 stainless steel material that doesn’t emit chemicals under high temperatures.

Moreover, they got constructed of sturdy and rust-resistant heavy-duty material that does not warp. Yododo packages arrive with four pieces of cookie sheets, each measuring 10.23” x 8.26”.

Like other cookie sheets available in the market, you can clean Yododo sheets either by hand or in dishwashers. Their construction with full sides prevents food from flowing by ensuring they maintain contents throughout the cooking process.

Users can employ these sheet pans for a wide variety of applications, including baking and roasting favorite cookies. They also make perfect options to prepare cinnamon rolls, cornbread, sticky buns, fruit cobblers, and brownies.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent quality
  • Easy to clean
  • More versatile


  • Emits harmful fumes
  • Very small

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7. BPA Free Nonstick Baking Sheets w/ Silicone Handles in a Pack of 3 — Deluxe Cookie Sheets 

BPA Free Nonstick Baking Sheets
  • BAKING SHEET - Bake with ease: Prepare your favorite desserts and...
  • COOKIE SHEET - Made to last for longer: Crafted with 0.5mm carbon...
  • BAKING SHEETS - Designed to delight you: Bake delectable cakes and...
  • COOKIE SHEETS - Great gift for bakers: Make any homemaker or chef brim...

Enjoy baking your favorite dishes and desserts with ease using the BPA-free non-stick sheets. Manufacturers of these cookie sheets deliver packages containing three non-sticky pans featuring various sizes to accomplish different kitchen preparations.

BPA Free Nonstick Baking Sheets guarantees users oven safety of up to 490 degrees F.  BPA Free Nonstick Baking Sheets also make the most durable options around for people who yearn for long-term services.

Manufacturers construct them using 0.5 mm carbon steel to stay sturdy and firm for an extended period. Nevertheless, they have silicon handles to allow users to handle them safely with ease.


  • Perfect sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Quality models
  • Easy to use and store


  • They warp in ovens
  • Don’t cook food evenly

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8. To encounter Silicone Baking Pans Set

To encounter Silicone Baking Pans
  • 4-Piece Set - To encounter 4-piece nonstick silicone baking pans set...
  • Durable Bakeware Set - These cookie pans are made from food grade...
  • High Heat Roasting Pan - Heat-safe even at high temperatures of up to...
  • Easy to Clean - The commercial grade restaurant quality kitchen...

Featuring stackable designs, To encounter Silicone sheets are reusable market options constructed to take up little space when storing them. Manufacturers deliver packages containing four-piece sets with three similar-sized cookie pans and one cake pan.

Moreover, they get constructed using food-grade silicone material and powerful frames to maintain them strong for an extended period. Users can employ these cookie sheets to bake several kinds of stuff, including tasty cookies, birthday cakes, brownies, and many more.

As a safety guaranty, they provide users heat safety assurance of up to 446 degrees F. Consequently, the commercial-grade bakeware options of this type feature silicone as a preventive measure for accidental burns.

Furthermore, their surfaces are stain-resistant and thereby making the cleaning process a breeze. You can clean this bakeware to maintain them spotless in a dishwasher.


  • Sturdier models
  • Great quality
  • Convenient sizes
  • Ultra-durable


  • Not easy to clean stains
  • Lacks rigidity

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9. LUCYCAZ 15” 11” x2” Heavy Duty Copper Baking Cake Pans Cookie Sheets 

Heavy Duty Copper Baking Cake Pans
  • 🥧【Superior Design】The large half sheet baking cake pans feature...
  • 🍪【2 Inch Deep & Warp Resistant】Sick of flimsy baking pans that...
  • 🍰【Healthy & Non-Toxic】This nonstick baking pan is PFOA- and...
  • 🧁【Easy to Clean】Baking sheet cake pans non-stick coating works...

As safety concerns continue grooming about our kitchen appliances, LUCYCAZ pans emerge as a few safest bakeware for a healthy lifestyle. Featuring a PTFE and PFOA-free construction, these baking pans don’t emit chemicals that might pose users health risks.

Moreover, manufacturers design them with unique designs due to corrugated surfaces to allow even air circulation throughout the baking process.

LUCYCAZ sheet pans are durable models designed with thick and heavy-duty materials for enhanced durability. Furthermore, their construction incorporates high-end steel alloy with reinforced edges to curb warping cases.

Washing them is also a breeze since food doesn’t stick to their non-stick surfaces. Users can either wash them by hand using warm water and soap or in a dishwasher.


  • Enhanced durability
  • PTFE and PFOA-free
  • Ease to clean
  • Excellent quality


  • Packages arrive damaged
  • Poor customer support

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10. Perlli 10-Piece Nonstick Carbon Steel Bakeware Set 

Perlli 10-Piece Nonstick Carbon Steel
  • COMPLETE 10-PIECE BAKEWARE SET: Including 2 cookie sheets, 2 round...
  • DIFFERENT SIZES, DIFFERENT SHAPES: Expand your cooking horizons by...
  • 100% NON STICK COATING: Worried about food sticking to this bakeware...
  • HEAT IS NOT THE ENEMY: All 10 pieces of our kitchenware set are...

Lastly, we have the Perlli 10-Piece cookie set containing different accessories that take kitchen experiences higher. Packages contain two cookie sheets, 12 muffin pans, a pizza crisper, a loaf pan, two cake pans, and a dishpan. Manufacturers also include a storage pan its cover to enable easy transfer of baked food to freezers easily.

With different sizes and shapes, all the set appliances have non-stick coats to prevent food from sticking on surfaces. Their construction also includes a BPA-free heavy-duty carbon steel material that doesn’t emit chemicals when subjected to high temperatures.

Moreover, materials used to construct them are scratch resistance, thereby retaining their original look for an extended period.  Consequently, Perlli 10-Piece bakeware sets are heat safe since they can offer oven safety to temperatures of 450 degrees F.

Handling and transferring prepared food is also easy without worrying about accidental burns. Unsatisfied customers with these bakeware sets should reach out to the manufacturer within 30 days for a refund or replacement.


  • Ease to clean
  • Comfortable handling
  • Durable models
  • Easy to use


  • Other packages arrive damaged
  • Poor customer support

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Buying Guide: What To Consider When Choosing The Cookie Sheets

Most cookie sheet buyers have before made wrong selections, and they up regretting the money they spent. Are you one of such people, and still you lack an idea of selecting the best cookie sheet?

Best Cookie Sheets

Now, this review covers you well as it entails excellent insights into purchasing these products. This shopping guide presents three factors shoppers should consider when purchasing these products.

a) Color

In the market, you will come across both the dark and light cookie sheets. If you are still an amateur in selecting these sheets, you won’t have any idea what they mean to the end-users. Experts say the lighter and darker cookie sheets differ in their efficiency.

However, this isn’t all about how the lighter and darker options differ. Lighter cookie sheets are more efficient than the darker options. Consequently, they tend to heat faster and spread heat evenly to ensure perfect cooking takes place.

However, the lighter options’ fast heating state might at times ruin everything if you don’t regulate heat. Now, of the two, which one do you think is of great value to you? Choose the best choice overall to get you the perfect cookies for your loved ones.

b) Size

The quantity of the food you intend to cook also matters a lot when selecting the best cookie sheet. Most manufacturers design different cookie sheets featuring varied dimensions.

The sheets you decide to purchase depends on the quantity of food you intend to cook using them. Moreover, the number of people you will feed will also determine the cookie sheet size to purchase.

Smaller sheets get designed for use when cooking for one or two people in a single tray. More extensive options typically in the width of ovens serve well when preparing food for about four people.

Consider the quantity you intend to cook and the number of people you will serve to make an informed decision. Otherwise, you might end up purchasing pans that won’t holf up sufficient food for the entire family.

c) Construction

Lastly, the construction of a cookie sheet matters a lot to shoppers looking for the best models ever. The market is full of both heavy and light models alike. However, most of the market options today are heavy-duty options.

Expert chefs prefer the heavy-duty options since they offer even heat distribution throughout the cooking process. They are also long-lasting than the lighter options due to their strong construction that prevents warping. Choose wisely to get a product of value that can serve you for an extended period.


Selecting the best cookie sheets entails a lot. Most people will usually focus more on the fancy features and forget the important part of these products. Factors like their material, construction, and size matter a lot, and they need to feature at the top.

Our review has provided a hint of the excellent cookie sheets buyers should give priority to. The shopping guide after the product descriptions will help you compare them to settle for the best overall. Read the review and make an informed decision to avoid future regrets.

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